GPS Mileage Log

TripLogik's GPS Mileage Log is an easy to use device that uses satellite GPS signals and your car's computer for location detection mileage tracking.

Using the TripLogik Manager software, you can download travel and mileage data directly to your own computer over a USB connection. The data can then be used to create and personalize reports.

  • It only takes three clicks to generate a basic report
  • It automatically determines the start and end points for each trip.
  • It uses Google Maps™ or Google Earth™ to display your trip route.
  • It automatcially assigns your trip type via a button press at drive time.
  • A mileage rate can be assigned to each trip category.
  • Text notes can be added to each trip.
  • Reports and invoices can be created, printed or exported to other programs.
  • Individual trips can be exported to Google Earth™
  • It has a 30 day money back guarantee

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Triplogik Mileage logger

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